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    Monday, September 28, 2009


    Green card visa

    To be honest, e-verify seems like a very logical and fair system. If laws are in place, they should be enforced as they are written. We should not have laws that are written with the intent that they will be followed only half the time. I believe e-verify should be a mandatory part of CIR. CIR should also increase the number of eb5 investor visas, because these create jobs for the country, which it needs not more than anything else.

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    When we are unemployed we surely feel like aliens in this world.

    janice scox

    I am a recently retired bilingual Medi-Cal eligibility technician. When I first started working as an E.T., approximately 10% of clients and newborns' SSNs came back as being used by someone else(usually a Hispanic name, working at a farm, factory). By the time I retired, 99% of newborns' SSNs were already in use and about 25% of my clients' SSNs were being used by others.

    This creates hardships for Americans. When an American becomes unemployed, they apply for UIB. If their SSN shows they or someone is currently working using their SSN, it can delay their unemployment benefits for up to 6 to 8 weeks while eligibility is determined.
    Many lower to middle income class citizens do not have sufficient savings to pay their bills for 2 months with no income. Then they apply for cash aid or food stamps. Unfortunately, a letter from UIB is required for cash aid applicants, which then delays receipt of cash aid. A small emergency grant (enough to live on for a few days) can be requested once.

    I have had clients become homeless while their UIB and or public assistance/cash aid or other program was delayed or denied due to the fact that illegal aliens were using their SSNs. E-verify needs to be used by every employer, every government agency, providers of credit, landlords, etc, immediately!

    Rob C. Tonogbanua, Esq.

    Thanks Pete. I appreciate your input.


    California Unemployment Trends - August 2009

    California Unemployment Situation in Heat Map form:
    here is a map of California Unemployment in August 2009 (BLS data)

    versus California Unemployment Levels 1 year ago

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