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    Monday, August 30, 2010


    Grant of Probate

    Social media is an emerging technology, just like the internet once was, and indeed the telepone was. To prohibit employees from using such technologies would be some sort of infringment of their rights. The employer should where necessary, prescribe reasonable rules for use of such tools. What the employee does in his own time as long as it is legal is often one one's business.

    Inheritance Planning Advice

    The novelty of social media [what a clunky phrase] means there would be numerous false steps. The employer though has a duty to communicate to its people the emerging culture regarding social media. Slagging off one's employer might be permisible in some firms - viewing it as 'feedback', in other workplaces it might be a hanging offence.

    Gina Rubel

    Eric, I couldn't agree more with you, Sharlyn and Courntey. Policy training is a critcal part of the internal communications that should be required for all businesses, not just law firms. Then train them on the strategic use of social media for marketing, public relations and business development so the employees become company ambassadors.

    Courtney Hunt

    It is a great post, Eric, and your insights were a great addition. I'm glad you're a member of the Social Media in Organizations (SMinOrgs)Community! I added a comment to Sharlyn's post that reiterated the importance of training, not just for individual contributors and non-supervisory staff, but for managers and leaders too. Given the changing nature of the legal landscape, they need to be sure they understand that some of the boundaries, as well as their rights and responsibilities, are also changing.

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