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    Monday, December 13, 2010


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    Excellent tips. Making it as a lawyer these days can be difficult, but you've given some great pointers!

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    I’m nevertheless a social media practitioner: In some instances, when individuals become analysts, they stop practicing and may undergo from issues in knowledge the natty gritty. I nevertheless lead activities, experiment and critique instruments, to me, this is a core part of what I’m about, so I won’t halt this.

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    There was a reccurring theme of “ambition” and how it plays into moving up and success within a law firm.

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    Lawyers are really respectable persons that eventually encounter so many things that would make them in their professionalism career. And being a lawyer you must be knowledgeable enough to understand and on how to cope and have the ability to struggle when you are down. The life of a lawyer is not easy at all to accomplished it requires wit and talent.


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    Google really was amazing, for it had done which was supposed to be impossible. Google Cloud will allow you print emails and documents like .doc files and PDF. And I really like the printing feature of this Google Cloud. You will not spend a lot of time, and this is easy to use.

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    Dedication is one of the factors in achieving your ambition. Your ambition would be worthless, if there is no dedication and hardship. Desire for your ambition must be on the top of your mind that you can do it. Just like the woman layers are. They have their dedication to reach there ambition. I'm very proud of them. And thank you for the advices and information I've read on this article. Hoping your entire law firm is successful, as what it is now.

    Joseph Pugh, D.M.

    There seems to be sufficient evidence to indicate that ambition has been the force that has brought about the successes of the attorneys who attended the meeting. What you did at the meeting is classified as a “thematic analysis,” which is a process used in qualitative research to allow the researcher to make sense out of seemingly unrelated textual material, and to translate qualitative information into quantitative data in order to facilitate analysis (Boyatzis, 1998).
    Ambition sometimes has a negative connotation. After all, Julius Caesar was assassinated because of his ambition. But rightly understood, ambition is a manifestation of the phenomenon of motivation. Motivation is composed of the psychological forces that determine the direction of an individual’s behavior in an organization, the person’s level of effort, and the level of persistence in the face of obstacles and challenges (Jones & George, 2008).
    Ambition reflects the confluence of the two components of motivation - intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is the motive force within the individual. Extrinsic motivation is the external set of conditions that causes the individual to direct personal efforts toward the achievement of some desired future state. In other words, extrinsic motivation provides the goal, while intrinsic motivation provides the individual with the desire to achieve the goal for oneself.
    Another factor in ambition is the leadership characteristic of initiative, which allows an individual to influence events, rather than passively accepting events and conditions.
    An interesting topic for a master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation.

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