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    Wednesday, February 23, 2011



    I am a smoker. It does not interfere with my work at all. I get more done than the non smokers. H.L commented that she does not like the smell of smoke on my clothes. Well, too bad !! I don't like the smell of your terrible bad breath and body odor, it makes me sick, but I don't make a federal case out of it. Chill out and get a life !!!

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    Some of the quit smoking tips can lead your way towards a smoke free life. These tips are easy to employ and reduce the effect of quit smoking symptoms

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    I don't see why I need to be exposed to an odor that makes me feel ill because someone chooses to smoke. Studies on second hand and third hand smoke show that non-smokers suffer as a result of the action of smokers. Second hand smoke increases cancer rates in non-smokers. To the person who says they are disabled because they wish to stop smoking but has not found a way yet, this does not make you disabled. All former smokers found a way to quit. This means it is possible. It's up to you to continue to look for ways to make it happen for yourself. But while you and every else does, I shouldn't have to be exposed to that horrible smell clinging to your clothes each day I go to work. Non-smokers' clothing will smell like smoke just from being in the same room with the smoker or walking past the spot outside where people regularly congregate to smoke. I find this intolerable.


    I am a smoker who does not take smoke breaks but the smell of smoke on me is used against me when going for interviews. If they find out you smoke, you cannot get a lot of jobs. However, it is a disability because I have not found the way yet to quit smoking but do want to quit.

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    I'm not agree with that. Smokers are human too maybe Employers must implement some rules and restrictions that they can smoke only outside the working premises.



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