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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009


    khalil ali

    I believe that your paper should put out a statement about what the law says about this matter. I'm concerned that what happened to Judge Washington and the media's reporting of it, has taken all independence from the court. All judges must now worry about how the FOP responds to their rulings, before they give judgement.


    If it is "unprofessional for a judge to preside in a space that does not appear completely neutral," then perhaps the city court system shouldn't hold preliminary hearings in police stations. The entire building would not "appear completely neutral", would it? Elsewhere in that same room are other police dispays -- it is, after all, also the roll-call room for the 35th District. Personally, I think the judge showed incredible insensitivity and to the fact that Officer Pawlowski had just been murdered. What sort of reaction did he expect?

    Gina F. Rubel, Esq.

    It is tragically unjust that Officer Pawlowski's was gunned down. It is also unprofessional for any judge to preside in a space that does not appear completely neutral. That's what our justice system is all about: fairness and justice. In the best interest of the justice system, all parties would be better off leaving their emotions out of business and the judiciary. It sounds to me that Judge Washington was doing what he considered to be fair and just in a space where criminal proceedings take place. I doubt that he meant it as a personal affront. The press conference was absolutely unnecessary and although emotional issues garner a great deal of attention in the media – when all is said and done, this, in my opinion, was a poor use of public relations.

    Gina F. Rubel, Esq.

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