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    Wednesday, February 18, 2009



    In general, the policy of only linking to those you know personally is a sane one...but, in practice, it now also means those you liked in an email exchange or phone call.

    My experience is that, first, you need your profile to look like something others would be proud to have in their connections box. Some of the Lions (some of the biggest of whom by the way are now being blocked by LinkedIn from garnering any more contacts) understand this and have conservative headlines. But I have one Lion in my connections box who now has a rather loud "Link to Me" headline. I won't unlink to him but I consider him "grandfathered" in. A good rule to follow: Don't link to anyone who wears their politics on their sleeve...unless you intend to forever (and I mean always) network in that crowd or your profile has an alias identity for yourself.

    I probably could write a book now about all this, but I am too busy.


    How does learn of the intricacies of Linked In as in what is acceptable and what is not for members who aggressively seek out new people to connect with? Where are these rules "spoken" or are they essentially unspoken. lastly, as a general rule what is the best way to learn the "etiquette" that is specific to each medium of the "social media". Thanks.


    Actually, the "I don't know this person" option is the worst thing you can do. It can get the other person thrown off LinkedIn.

    Always click "Ignore" instead, if you have a heart.

    LinkedIn will terminate the profile of anyone who receives too many "I don't know this person" responses in a specific time period.

    Unfortunately, a lot of winners push the envelope and you might be the person to terminate a really successful outgoing businessperson if you click the wrong button...and it would be especially ironic if you really do know the person.

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