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    Thursday, March 12, 2009


    Sean Carter

    having a strong presence online is important for legal marketing and any sort of marketing really, but you need to know how to do it right and do it effective, having a great company behind you can really help you grow!

    Michelle Bryan

    The key for you as a lawyer is learning how to use Twitter in a way that allows you to develop and expand a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted authority in your niche area of the law or locale.

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    Gary Neal

    Thank you so much for that information. I work for an SEO company and we've been trying to build a social platform to provide law firm internet marketing, and we are finding that it is really hard. Do you have any suggestions for Facebook? Also, have you heard about the new channels that you can create on Stumbleupon? What would be the feasibility of creating a platform on that site?

    SEO Company

    Anyone invested in themselves as a brand or their business needs to be using Twitter to promote that. It offers a great opportunity to interact with others on topics of law and for you to show your knowledge and expertise on that subject matter. Plus it allows you the opportunity to show you're not just a lawyer, but a human being, which can be a big deal for a lawyer.

    Nader Yasin

    Twitter's helping break down traditional barriers to communication, within the legal community and outside it too. @NaderYasin

    financial spread betting

    Yes you can get into a lot of trouble using Twitter.

    Sue Holm

    This is great and useful information. Thank you so much. I'm sharing it with my legal network. I'm just coming up to speed on Twitter and other social media, as I transition from litigator to financial counselor.

    gyi tsakalakis

    One of the first things lawyers need to understand about twitter is "twitmanagement."

    Spending efficient time on twitter can grow your professional network, position you as an expert, and help you gain clients.

    Too many lawyers are still "twitspamming" legal news, etc. (just like they do on their blogs).

    It comes down to how you use it.

    Doug Cornelius

    Gina -

    Just to clarify that I am skeptical of Twitter as a client development tool for lawyers. (unless you represent technology cos.) But I am a big fan of using it to connect with peers and loose ties.

    I particularly disliked Lance's idea of using precious time when meeting with a client to talk about using Twitter.

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