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    Tuesday, December 14, 2010


    James Beck

    Scheduling unfairness - sometimes.

    Consolidation of dissimilar claims, that's a real and serious problem. Mature tort (that is to say, asbestod) procedures don't translate well to prescription drug cases, where causation is always a hotly disputed issue. So ATRA has a point there.

    Failure to use court reporters, that has happened but is hardly systemic.

    The charge of litigation tourism is unfair, though. Philadephia judges, particularly Judge Moss, have tried for years to reduce backlogs by getting rid of cases that don't have any factual nexus to Philadelphia. They have been shot down time and time again by the appellate courts. Most of the complex litigation cases don't in fact belong in Philadelphia, and as a Philadelphia taxpayer I resent having to pay for their adjudication, but that's not Philly CP's fault.

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