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    Monday, March 14, 2011


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    the Higher Education Academy who sit on the Advisory Group. The results of our national survey highlight the need for practitioners involved in BCE to reshape our knowledge, skills and expertise to enable them to be successful.

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    Nice Post..Twitter is useful not only for lawyers but also for all..It really fruitful in increasing network..

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    A lawyer can gain immediate expertise from a thought leader across the country by asking a general question or sending a direct message via Twitter.

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    I appreciate with these post for twitter which would be helpful to the lawyers. However it will be good for evidence. It provide a good way to provide the justice for the people. Thanks for sharing.

    Gina Rubel

    Great feedback all - and I agree. For monitoring, it can be done inexpensively via Google Alerts or using tools like TweetDeck or HootSuite. I use HootSuite and love it. As for lists, I have some that are public and some that are private. I think everyone should maintain a healthy mix of both.

    The Outlaw Mom

    I agree with Melissa - Twitter, and all forms of social media, for that matter, are great sources of easily digestible information on timely topics.

    David Hobbie

    If you keep all your lists private, then you are losing an opportunity to engage people, who may leverage your organization of useful sets of twitter users. I have people following some of my lists; I gain by having me on some of my own lists, and by the "credit" of having done something useful for them. Plus, with public lists provides a user-friendly way to view the useful stories posted by people on a list.


    Great article. One more benefit: monitoring. Also applies to all industries. Twitter is great for gathering business intelligence to learn what is being said about you as well as your competition.

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