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    Tuesday, April 19, 2011


    Postma Findley

    There are really offers that are true good to be true. Good that there are blogs talking at this situation because it is so true that there are a number of people who sham just to earn money. Everybody should be careful. If the offer gives an unbelievable offer, then, don’t trust on a snap of the fingers, think, research, ask and be smart, tactful and most of all clever.

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    The marketing department helps her market the blog. The blog is cross-linked to the firm website and vice versa.

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    It really needs to recognize four different kinds of clients on social media: supporters, loyalists, clients and product lovers and that is really fantastic.

    Staci Burruel

    That is a very interesting set of questions, Ms. Rubel. With regards to your queries, I think the answer to that is to use analytic tools. Nowadays, many companies use these tools to measure the efficacy of their social media campaign. Although it still needs some improvement, you can use the stats and data as a reference.

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    This is my first time at your blog and I've really enjoyed looking around. I will come back again in the future to check out some of the other articles.

    Which social media platforms will you use in your law firm’s social strategy? This can seem large an enormous decision when first dipping your toe in the social media pool.

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    The ethics and solicitation requirements with regards to social media are not yet well understood, and unfortunately this has a chilling effect on social media use within law firms.

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    It is a great post author wrote nice explanation about Social Media Marketing.

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    Thanks for sharing this type of information.Its really a great post.Very solid questions and bullet points are presented here.San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

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    Blog contributor Gina F. Rubel offers insight on how to determine if your firm's time is well spent in social media engagement.

    Richard Pettet

    Good post. In the UK there is a slow dawning of realisation that social media is going to play a vital part in how law firms market themselves, but this has more to do with the way the UK legal market is heading with all kinds of new entrants coming into the market -supermarkets, banks, estate agents etc - that have a greater marketing prowess. Social media is not expensive, other than time (I know, a crude metric) but for firms that will be up against the likes of Tesco (like a UK walmart) social media channels offer a real opportunity to gain exposure.

    Gina Rubel

    Thank you Lisa and Cooper - I appreciate the feedback. Lisa, congratulations for doing such a great job on your client's behalf and for sharing the link here with us. I hope it generates even more social media traffic and PR buzz. Have a great day. - Gina

    Lisa Buyer

    Great post Gina! I have a Social PR agency and your article hit the mark on what social media measuring. My client just one Best of Blogs for his law blog I have been editing and managing since January 2009 and the blog now generates more visits than the law firms website!

    Cooper Smith Koch

    Great insights and the bullet points are very helpful. I think this translates well to other professional services industries as well, such as architecture.

    Gina Rubel

    Aden, It is my pleasure. At the LMA National Conference in Orlando earlier this month, there was so much more talk about social media engagement than in 2010. Lawyers and legal marketers from solos to big law firms are starting to understand the value of engagement - in both measurable and not-so-measurable terms. By the way, the example with Attorney A is a true story. I'm looking for Attorney B for another case study. Any takers?

    Aden Dauchess, Director of Digital Media, Womble Carlyle

    Very solid questions and bullet points Gina regarding ROI. I think most of us in law firm marketing knew this day was coming -- we can use the tools but quantifying the results, monitoring and tracking are the next big challenges. Thank you for this well-thought out and focused post.

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