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    Monday, March 12, 2012



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    Allen Carlos

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    Gina Rubel

    The copyright issues are steaming up, Jayne. In fact, there's an Above the Law post about them today that was just brought to my attention. I don't think the Pinterest policy is going to hold up for long and I do think they have to come up with a way to credit the original source. As with all social media, it will play itself out over time.

    Jayne Navarre

    Great links and insight about Pinterest, Gina. Thanks for pulling this together. I've not signed up for Pinterest because I'm not all that p-interested. Seems like more content overload, though I did find a recipe there that was good :-). Still, as you point out, professionals were reluctant to use Facebook, fearing it to be a time sink as well as a digitized record of your life so it could be that Pinterest will prove useful for some practices, who knows. I do know, however, that almost all social sites that host user generated content or comments have broad terms of use and copyright responsibilities that pass on to the user. Not sure how this is compares? Is it much different? I haven't looked too closely yet. Have you?

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